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"Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality." - John Salk

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It is an honor and very rewarding to inspire individuals to eliminate emotional obstacles and unhealthy habits so they can flourish in their lives! This is our main goal at Florecer Family Counseling.

Why Florecer?

In Spanish Florecer means to Flourish, to Blossom. Analin Flores, founder and owner, received her inspiration to create Florecer after reflecting on her own life’s journey since her childhood, teen years, and throughout adulthood. She has experienced life’s challenges in her many roles as a daughter, wife, and mother. She is a healer at heart and desires to help others experience the restoration and flourishment she has experienced with the support and love of many.

Florecer Family Counseling offers services to women, who are seeking to experience empowered lives. A therapist at Florecer will join your journey and be by your side to help you stop generational patterns, take control of your emotions and behaviors, learn to love, honor, and celebrate your life, heal from the past, and enjoy your present. Here you will have the opportunity to learn how to balance the different roles in your life as a daughter, single woman, wife, mother, professional and friend and successfully implement the powerful skills you have acquired.

We offer support to parents who are struggling with their relationships with their children, tweens, or teens.
With counseling, parents increase their confidence and joy in their parenting journey. They will be introduced to strategies of positive interactions and communication to reduce conflicts in the home and to help foster a healthier family dynamic. Thus, having a more fulfilling impact on their child's life.

Therapists at Florecer provide support and guidance to the joyful and stressed soon-to-be husband and wife. Couples are provided with a calming environment where they can obtain and review an assessment that identifies their strengths and areas of growth, learn what healthy and unhealthy behaviors they are bringing from their family of origin, and acquire skills required for a healthy and happy relationship. Pre-marital counseling is encouraged so couples can focus on creating a strong foundation.
This support is also extended during the future years of the marriage as the couple experiences life changes (i.e. infertility, becoming parents, growing family, moves, grief, health issues, etc.).

A healthy and vibrant marriage is possible!
At Florecer we understand that marriage can be very challenging as the couple navigates through the different phases of life. These can become difficult and hinder couples from thriving in their relationship. Florecer provides couples with the needed tools and resources to enrich and strengthen their marriage and help their relationship be all it can be!

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What Others Are Saying

Been going to Analin for weekly sessions for a couple of months now, and I can truthfully admit that choosing her as my therapist was and still is a beneficial decision for my mental health. Since the first interactions going forward it has been a rewarding experience. I've gained definitely gained perspective and insights from my time spent with her- she's challenged me, provided me with out of session tasks, recommended supplemental readings, as well as offering ideas of personal projects to further my insights into what I want and how that's possible. She has been non-judgmental, is a great listener, provides great counsel and is incredibly kind. Would recommend her to anyone willing to better themselves! L.H.

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