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Christian Counseling

Would You Like To Strengthen Your Relationship With God?


Are you a strong, educated woman of faith who is having a hard time navigating or finding purpose in life despite your spiritual conviction? Do you worry that no matter how much good you do or how steadfastly you believe, somehow, you’re still failing as a Christian? Are you stuck emotionally—frustrated and resentful that you can’t achieve goals or find happiness in your life?

Perhaps you’re engaged or in a committed relationship, but you feel so guarded or wounded because of the past that you can’t make a true spiritual connection with your partner. Or maybe you are a mother who’s losing your temper and arguing with your family and you want to find a way to bring God’s peace back into your relationships.

Spiritual Well-Being Can Be Elusive For Anyone


Whether you are single, engaged, or married—life as a Christian woman is seldom easy. At times, you may feel lost and alone—constantly worrying that you’re not good enough or worthy of God’s love. As a wife or mother, you may feel inauthentic as if you can’t say what you want or voice your needs because you’re so busy pleasing others.


In relationships, you’re probably at the mercy of intense emotions that create distance between you and your partner. Or perhaps you are struggling with depression, anxiety, or panic attacks, but you can’t find a therapist who empathizes with your Christian identity.

With the weight of the world slowly wearing on your faith, it can be easy to feel as though God has forgotten you, but we assure you—that is not the case. At Florecer Family Counseling, our Christian counselors can help you heal, increase trust in yourself and others, and strengthen your spiritual connection to God so you can feel capable and loved.


Life Can Be Difficult No Matter Who You Are


Many Christians believe that their faith should always be enough to overcome whatever life throws their way. But the truth is everyone—including the most devout and faithful—could use a little guidance occasionally. That may be especially true if you’ve ever experienced an ACE or Adverse Childhood Experience.

For instance, if you didn’t feel protected, cared for, or valued as a child you may experience a lot of fear and self-doubt as an adult. Child abuse, trauma, the loss of a loved one, witnessing violence in the home, or exposure to caregivers with mental health issues—all can influence your relationship with God and others complicate how you manage adversity.

How Do ACEs Affect Your Health?


Studies show that adverse childhood experiences are linked to issues with mental illness, chronic health problems, and substance use in adulthood. Moreover, ACEs frequently impact a person’s education, earning potential, and job opportunities.

Unfortunately, overcoming some issues independently can be difficult for Christians because many of them were taught that their needs were not valid or important. Therefore, they should feel ashamed for thinking or talking about them. Even when Christians do manage to open up about their past or their feelings, most secular counselors can’t integrate faith or spirituality into the healing process.

However, our Christian therapists are trained to help you achieve comprehensive and profound healing by integrating your faith and values into the therapeutic process. In time, you can feel worthy, at peace, and satisfied with your life—and your relationship with the Lord.

Christian Therapy Can Help You Connect To Your Spiritual Self


Many people, regardless of religious background, find it difficult to talk about faith with a therapist for fear of being judged. However, counseling with a Christian therapist provides a safe space where you can speak without feeling scrutinized or judged for anything. Christian counseling services provide you with an opportunity to gain insight into your emotional struggles and learn coping tools that protect and nourish your spiritual self.

What To Expect In The First Session


During the intake session, your therapist will work with you to gain a better understanding of your situation and the battles you are facing as a Christian. We will start by identifying what you want to work on in therapy as well as what you hope to achieve. From there, your therapist will help you develop a plan to assist you in reaching your goals and discuss how you want to integrate your faith into treatment.

In the beginning, our primary focus will be to identify what is at the core of your suffering—whether that is an adverse childhood experience, a reaction to changes in your life, or generational trauma. Getting to the root of issues and recognizing unhelpful patterns of thinking and feeling can help you overcome problems rather than merely treat symptoms.

How Christian Counseling Helps


Counseling for Christians enables you to understand, regulate, and validate your feelings. It helps you recognize unproductive thinking patterns or inaccurate beliefs you may have concluded from painful experiences in the past. And therapy offers you valuable skills for solving problems, resolving conflict, setting boundaries, and communicating more effectively.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you increase your sense of safety and security and teach you healthy ways to build a secure and loving attachment with yourself, others, and God.

Our Christian therapists at Florecer Family Counseling use an eclectic array of tools to create a dynamic approach to healing. For instance, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) enables clients to conceptualize the connection between their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Motivational Interviewing considers the stage of healing or change that the client is in and focuses on making progress gently and gradually.

We use Interpersonal Psychotherapy to help clients understand life transitions, attachment styles, and characteristics of what healthy relationships look like. Seeking Safety is a technique that assists clients in cases that involve trauma or addictions. Similarly, Trauma-Focused CBT is used to enable individuals to create and process a trauma narrative. And to help clients gain control of emotions and create balance in their lives, we often integrate Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

At Florecer Family Counseling, we understand how important your faith is to you as a Christian, and we want to ensure that your mental health journey is in line with your spiritual needs. That’s why we are always willing to collaborate with your pastor or another church leader, if desired, to make certain that you are fully supported.

With a little work, faith, and patience, Christian counseling can help you identify the root of your suffering, allowing you to fully grieve, process, and heal your wounds. With our help at Florecer Family Counseling, you can strengthen your spiritual connection to the Lord and begin enjoying a life of love, grace, and inner peace.

But You May Still Have Questions About Christian Therapy…

How will Christian psychotherapy help with my situation?


Unlike working with a secular counselor, Christian psychotherapists have a unique insight and approach to therapy that considers spirituality a fundamental aspect of a person’s existence. So we can provide you with a more comprehensive, whole-person strategy for finding clarity, relief, and long-term healing.

How will you integrate my Christian faith into therapy?


We take our time to understand our clients’ faith during the first few sessions. We leave it up to you how much integration you want to see with your counseling services and your Christian beliefs. It can be anything from a brief prayer, talking about a bible verse, a recommended book, or your walk with God. It all depends on what will help you find lasting peace and comfort.

What if I’m a Christian but don’t want to include my faith?


Whether you are Christian, spiritually-minded but not religious, or if you are secular, counseling is about your goals and what you want to address. If you want to include your faith, that’s wonderful. If not, we can take a more general approach that looks at spiritual well-being. Or we can focus on having purely traditional sessions that only consist of psychotherapy services. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help.

Christian Counseling Can Help You Gain Peace


Start Flourishing! If you are ready to begin healing, contact us today at 805-947-0984 or use the link below to get in touch.


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