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for Hispanics

Embracing Hispanic Culture

Florecer Family Counseling is a safe place to explore your personal history and current challenges. Our approach transcends the barriers of language and culture as we create an environment of acceptance that fosters change rooted in hope, values, self-determination, and community.

All cultures are important to us; they define individuals and families. Therefore, we understand how important culture is and we can have a better panorama of clients struggles and emotional distress, when we also understand our client’s culture. We put ourselves in our clients and their ancestors’ shoes and integrate their culture into treatment to embrace clients’ heritage and consequently, their cultural identity. 


We understand many of the elements immigrant families encounter and the great change this is for them. Many experienced difficulties adjusting due to leaving behind a community and their culture and having to adjust to the American lifestyle. We realize how acculturation may had been a challenge for them and many perhaps had felt that they had to disregard elements of their culture in order to blend in to adjust and survive in this country. An good example of this is how a great number of parents prohibited their children to speak in Spanish or their maternal language because they didn’t want their children to be singled out or fall behind at school.


We know our past generations came into this country because they saw opportunities. We want to help their future generations embrace their heritage and honor their roots. This can increase a sense of belonging and self-worth as they reap the fruits of their ancestors’ sacrifice.  

At Florecer Family Counseling, we understand the challenges Latina families face in a daily basis and can provide the support they need. We also provide ONLINE therapy via our HIPPA compliant, safe, and confidential system.​

At Florecer Family Counseling, we offer counseling services tailored to meet your needs. Our team of psychotherapist are culturally competent and well rounded.  Our professional counselors have extensive experience in providing counseling for challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks, unhealthy relationships, and many more.

At Florecer Family Counseling we also want to help the soon-to-be Hispanic husband and wife stablish a strong foundation for their marriage. We provide premarital counseling to help your marriage be the best you could ever dream of!  Premarital Counseling for engaged couples is offered with the goal to help reduce divorce statistics and increase satisfaction in marriage. We provide premarital Counseling that is tailored around your personality, values, culture, and beliefs so that you can grow together in love and build a strong foundation for marriage!"

We also continue providing support to new Hispanic marriages as they navigate life and encounter challenging events. Over time, married couples can accumulate a lot of baggage if they don't handle difficult life events appropriately. Florecer Family Counseling is here to help Hispanic couples continue enriching and enjoying their marriage. 

Our Hispanic Family Counseling services are designed to help restore relationships, help families learn to solve conflicts, and learn effective coping strategies to manage life challenges. The only way to solve your psychological and spiritual issues is by working on yourself. But where do you start?

Florecer Family Counseling understands both your faith and your culture. We help children, teens, families, and individuals from all walks of life work through their struggles toward better health. Don't be afraid to ask for help from those who can provide it! In addition, our counselors want to hear from you if you're questioning your faith or struggling with your emotions.

​Florecer Family Counseling serves our Spanish-speaking clients, by providing resources, education, and consultation to reduce mental health stigma in the Hispanic and faith communities.

Share our website with your Spanish speaking friends and family. It would be our honour to help!

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