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Marriage  Counseling

In Person / Virtual

At Florecer Family Counseling we provide the support marriages need to weather the storms of Life

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Marriage Counseling


It is not easy for a couple to admit that they are struggling.

Are you or your husband not happy with your relationship? Are there financial stressors in your marriage? Do you have hurt feelings? As married couples experience life, they are going through issues but are unable to sort things on their own, and sometimes even end up ignoring them (until they become too much or they hit a breaking point).

Reality is that all marriages may struggle at different times because life can bring difficult situations, changes, and stressors that may challenge the relationship. Adjusting to living together, problems with extended family, trying to have children, an unexpected miscarriage, becoming new parents, moving, etc. can bring tension and negative feelings that accumulate.

Couples counseling can be an effective way of helping you gain communication skills to find your voice and bridge the gap in your relation. It involves having a neutral third-party mediator work with you as a couple to enable each partner to voice their thoughts and feelings without judgement or shame.

There is no need to lose hope! It is possible that your issues can be resolved. If your relationship has value and you want to prevent that it gets worse, reach out to us to receive the support your marriage needs. We'll be with you every step of the way and will actively work with you to find solutions to your concerns, and provide effective enrichment tools for your relationship.

Marriage Problems

Marriage doesn't have to be complicated. And it shouldn't feel like work. But all too often, couples get into a position where they feel like they are constantly having to 'work at their relationship. This is usually because one or more issues need to be addressed and resolved if they want their marriage to be successful.

Over time, married couples can accumulate a lot of baggage. Most of us know the pain of disagreements and the anguish of unmet expectations. And all too often, it spills over into our health, or our work. Having a happy marriage is complex, and it's even more complicated when one partner is unsupportive.

Our Marriage Counselors help you rekindle the spark by resolving issues together in an environment free from judgment and criticism. We provide relationship-enhancing tools that empower couples to readjust to each other physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially to regain their love, harmony, and peace in their lives.


We also provide faith-based counseling to couples who wish to include their faith in their treatment to help overcome your  problems with a holistic approach. 

Gain the tools to divorce-proof your marriage and strengthen your relationship to live a long-life together staying strong throughout the storms of life and providing a happy home for your children. It is possible to live a fulfilling life. 

Contact us today and start your journey of hope!


​During your initial sessions, we will have the opportunity to work together to begin to understand what is really going on in your marriage. Your therapist will get to know you by asking questions about your unique concerns. She’ll help you identify what are the main obstacles in the relationship by using one of the two assessments we use in our practice. These assessments will clarify the areas to work on.


The assessments we use in our practice are Prepare-Enrich and SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts). These assessments will also serve as a guide in the treatment to help both of you gain insight and to learn and practice important evidence-based relational skills. Your therapist will explain each of the assessments and decide which one would best fit your relationship needs. Together you will also discuss if you wish to integrate your faith and culture in the treatment. This will help us individualize your experience and have a sense that your marriage story is well understood and in return, you’ll both feel confident that you are in the right place.

Build a Strong Foundation for a Lifetime of Love
If you are ready to receive help so you can lighten this load and blossom in your marriage,

contact us today for a free consultation!

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