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Help for Women with ADHD or ADD 


Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) symptoms are identified since early childhood (at the age of 6 and up). Unfortunately, boys are often difficult to recognize because they may be mistaken for "normal" active or aggressive behaviors.  Girls with ADHD typically have more innatentive symptoms and may also be overlooked or misdiagnosed as they may lack the hyperactive and compulsive behaviors. 

When not identified early in childhood, individuals with ADHD may feel that there is something wrong with them because they have trouble fitting in school as they are expected. They may often hear instructions from adults like "Sit still,"  "Stay quiet", "Pay attention," "Where is your homework?," "Stay focus." Many may internalise these instructions and feel less then. As adults these children may have develop anxiety or depression due to not receiving the guidance, behavioral training, and sometimes medication to help them manage their behaviors.

Women with ADHD or ADD are highly sensitive and find it hard to cope with difficult emotions.  Therefore, finding effective ways to deal with this disorder is difficult. However, Florecer Family counseling offers a holistic approach to learning effective skills to manage ADHD and make life easier.

Florecer Family Counseling is here to help as we are a counseling practice where you can be accepted and learn proven coping skills that will change your life for good! Discover your genuine self, your strengths, talents, and grow in the areas you need to so you can enjoy a fulfilling life. Our counselors understand you and know how to help you break free from your suffering.

Symptoms​ of ADHD


Because the symptoms of ADHD fall under the categories of "learning disorder" and "conduct disorder," many girls and women with ADHD have been diagnosed with a learning disability or behavioral problems such as defiance, opposition, or aggression; however, adults who have ADHD can acknowledge that they have problems at work with organization, procrastination, and trouble concentrating. As a result, they may find it hard to get started in the morning or start tasks, maintain motivation, stay focus, or lose things frequently.​

Common symptoms of ADHD


  • Making Careless mistakes

  • Laking attention to details

  • Seems like not listening 

  • Difficulty paying attention to tasks

  • Fails to follow through on instructions, chores, or duties

  • Avoiding or disliking certain activities

  • Losing important things

  • Forgetful

  • Easily distracted by things or unrelated thoughts

Hyperactivity or Impulsivity

  • Fidgets with or taps hands and feet, or squirms

  • Leaves seat when remaining seated is expected

  • Runs or climbs where it is inappropriate, or feels restless

  • Unable to participate quietly in leisure activities

  • Acts as if “on the go" or “driven by a motor”

  • Talks excessively

  • Blurts out an answers

  • Difficulty waiting his or her turn

  • Interrupts or intrudes on others

Florecer Family Counseling can provide you with just the right kind of support and guidance to deal with the complexity of your ADHD, be it in childhood or adulthood.


During your initial session, you will have the opportunity to work together with your therapist to begin to understand what is really going on in your world. She will get to know you by asking questions about your unique concerns and will help you identify what you want to work on in therapy. This will help your therapist create a plan that will assist you to reach your goals. This will help you have an individualized experience and have a sense that your personal story is well understood and in return, you can feel confident that you are in the right place.

Take the Next Step

Think we might be a good fit? Simply contact us for a free consultation. Offering online and in-person counseling in Woodland Hills and the San Fernando Area. Learn more about our HIPAA compliant Telehealth therapy.

If you are ready to receive help so you can lighten this load and blossom in your life, contact us today for a free consultation!

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